Zahraddeen Salis Dangizo

A dealer in all of crypto currency such as Bit coins & Ethereum

His a very simple boy who loves her family very much.My some of the friends and my attached one are my life… In my life there is so many important persons but few are so important without whom a single day is very difficult…. Such persons in my life are my mom, dad and my best brother…. I am very attached to my father, he is not my father but a friend who supports me each and every step… And My mom who is government teacher but then also she manages her time to spend sometime with me . She is wonderful mother ,she manages both works (Household and job) so smoothly. And my Brother who is so supportive and caring. He understands me completely. He is so loving. He has got a good nature who make me laugh in my sadness, Who supports me and encourage me when I becomes weak. Who knows me very well, whom I shared everything. He is my best friend. I haven’t thought that I’ll get such an amazing brother in this aap….. I am living for them, I don’t want anything from this life exept happiness of my attached ones. I like to write my own poems, Sometimes playing badminton and reading biographies…… And I like helping everyone. I have tried to make happy everyone . Maybe I haven’t succeed…. I am thankful to GOD, That it has given me so good Family and my brother….. I am thankful to my parents who bring me in this beautiful world… May God give all the happiness to my attached one. My school friends are also good…. They understands me maybe not completely.They Sometimes angry over me as I am so simple ….But then also I love them all….. I have got so many sis here…. in brainly, I don’t want to mention thier names but they all are so good to me and some of friends and brothers other then my best brother….. They all are my attached ones May, God make them happy. Love you all… I like to learn new things, And in free times like to draw sketches….. My life is full of positive thoughts ,sometimes negatives due to situation but then also I have thought about positive things… And I like to see moonlight in night it likes all bad things have gone, now a good day will come tomorrow . I like to motivate people and like to get inspirations from great people…. I like peace……. And at last, I like everything of nature……. And I like a simple life…. With lots of love, peace and happiness….. Ohh… GOD…. First, Give all happiness to my attached ones and if something left, then give it to me otherwise it’s OK…. May everyone’s day will be good….. My Morning Prayer!! LOVE YOU DAD, BROTHER, MOM…. Dangizo
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