What Sunday igboho wore on his left hand the day he stormed ogun state

He declared war against killer herdsmen operating in the South-Western states.Known for his ruggedness and activism, Sunday Igboho has proven to be a fearless warrior. He paid a visit to a popular Fulani settlement in one of the southwestern states where he demolished the house of the Seiki Fulani’s house in Eggu, Yewa North Local Government Area Of Ogun State made the headline.When he arrived in Ogun State, his dressing brought a lot of mixed reactions among Nigerians on social media.From his picture which circulated around all social media platforms, many believed he wore a charm underneath his cloth to protect and prevent harm. Others are of the opinion that the activist wore a bullet vest, to protect him from gunshots.However many Nigerians were unable to notice what he wore on his left hand which caught my attention.Looking closely at the pictures above, one could see him putting a white glove on his left hand. It is assumed that the bandage might be that he was injured, or it has a form of cultural significance.Here are some of the people’s opinion on what they think his dressing means:

The Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho has been on the lips of many for Months now. The Popular Yoruba activist rose to fame after he took up the leadership mantle of getting rid of the criminal herdsmen causing troubles in the southwestern region of Nigeria.


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