Valentine’s story by Precious Boluwatife Kolade (Noble Ink)

Valentine’s story by Precious Boluwatife Kolade (Noble Ink)

Valentine's story by Precious Boluwatife Kolade (Noble Ink)



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(In the morning)


(In the morning)

ROSE : Bayo, so you promise to give everything up because of me right?

BAYO : Don’t you trust me again? I love you from the bottom of my heart and I’m willing to do anything for you…I mean anything for you rosy (He pecks her) Just let me in, you’re the one I’m gonna marry

ROSE : (stops him) No Bayo,I still feel this is not right. I have to go,I’ll check you later in the evening.

____February 14(That evening)___

  Rose comes in and met her boyfriend on another Lady.

*ROSE* : Ah,Bayo…!

*BAYO* : Babe,I can explain, please…I sincerely can…this is the work of the devil (He begs her but she storms out in anger)

*ROSE* : (soliloquizing) Ah! After all I’ve done for this guy,he ditched me . I thought he was the perfect man for me . He even said he was gonna do anything for me.. but why? Why now? BAYO why? Despite how much love I showered upon you,you decided to stab me at the back . (She didn’t see an oncoming car as she was knocked down)


*ROSE* : Where am I? (She asked the doctor)

*DOCTOR* : How are you feeling? You’re in the hospital… you’ll be fine now . (He sits beside her and engages her in a conversation) What brought you into this mess ?

*ROSE* : Love? them! (She sobs) Love is not real…

*DOCTOR* : Have you found the real love?

*ROSE* : I sincerely don’t know

*DOCTOR* : You can’t know because you’ve been pushing me away

*ROSE* : Push you away? What do you mean by that doctor? I don’t even know you, neither do o recognize your face

*DOCTOR* : I’ve always followed you everywhere you go… Right from birth, I followed you up till this moment. Let me tell you a story of a young man who died because of his lover

*ROSE* : Ahah..! How can he die because of his lover? I wish Bayo can learn from him oh

*DOCTOR* : This man died for this girl because he loves her,he became sin that she might be free . His love is greater than the Nollywood, Bollywood and any other wood…his true love is on the wood where he died

*ROSE* : Hmmm…( *sighs* )

*DOCTOR* : But you know what Rose, this girl is never grateful. She kept nailing him to the cross but hopefully he wishes that she’ll come back to his arms and realize how much he loves her

*ROSE* : This story seems familiar,like I’ve heard it countless times but in different dimensions. Wait…you said he died for his lover ….are you talking about ?-

*DOCTOR AND ROSE* : *JESUS* ! (They chorused)

DOCTOR* : I am that lover who died on the wood (cross of Calvary) and you’re the girl who has failed to realize how much I love her .

*ROSE* : Jesus…Jesus… Jesus (weeps)

*DOCTOR* : Rose, I became sin that you might be free from every shackles of sin . I am that fountain that never runs dry . I am he that is sent to the world for the salvation of many yet I was rejected

*ROSE* : Jèsú…I’m sorry…I never knew you love me so much that you would even die for me . Bayo never loved me,he is just full of deceit . I was too blinded to realize your love for me . I’m sorry ( She weeps)

*DOCTOR* : 2nd cornthians 5:17 says,If any man be in Christ,he is a new creature , old things are passed away behold all things are become new . Rose, you’re a new creature. Go and sin no more . Remember,my love is the greatest love . Spread my love throughout the world Rose.

*ROSE* : Thank you for loving me so much,that you gave your life for me😭 (she sings, as she opens her eyes,he was not in front of her anymore. The doctor she was seeing was different)

*ROSE* : Where is the man that was standing here some minutes ago ?

*DOC* : What man? I’ve been here for the past 30 minutes and no body even stopped by to check up on you. Probably you hit your head because of the accident but you’ll be fine .

*ROSE* : Doc,I’m okay . I saw Jesus..I saw him and he said he loves me

*DOC* : Nurse , it seems we need to transfer her to the psychiatrist

*ROSE* : Doc,I’m fine…I’m okay…I’m sane . I just need to see the doctor that left not quite long .

*DOC* : Madam, you’re not fine… you’re not okay at all . (To the nurse) Take her away joor,she needs check up .

EXIT ☁️☁️☁️

This is not just a drama, it’s a call to go back to our first love. Seek the first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added into you .

Goodnight and God bless you 🌹🌹

© Precious Boluwatife Kolade

*Noble Ink ✍️*

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Spread the love of God to all generation 🙇🙇🙇

*Noble Ink ✍️*

Feel free to share ❤️⚪

Spread the love of God to all generation 🙇🙇🙇

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