The high price of products in Philippines ‘More inflation season’

The high price of products in Philippines ‘More inflation season’

July 20, 2022 0 admin

Unmixed chika, inflation is real and it is felt by everyone-any state in life is affected by rising prices of products. Imagine, we went grocery last week and we paid more than x2 compared to the usual budget.

But even if we disagree with the crazy inflation, we can do something. So, just like that, while the government is in denial and seems to have no plan yet on how to lower inflation, let’s just use ‘saving tips’ that are practiced by yours truly:

1. Plan the dish for a week for a visit to the market or grocery store. It is also cheaper to buy items in bulk or in bulk, because there are stores that give a discount when purchased wholesale.

2. Compare Brand X and Brand Y. For example, in wheat bread, instead of Gardenia, just NeuBake because they are also the same manufacturer, but the price difference is between P10 to P15.

3. ‘Don’t be weak, be loyal to the list. What is listed is ‘that’s all’ to buy. There is no “deserve-deserve ko‘ to ”when it comes to budgeting, that’s a sinking mindset.

The High Price Of Products In Philippines ‘More Inflation Season’

The high price of products in Philippines ‘More inflation season’

4. If you use liquid hand soap, dishwashing liquid, etc., it can be extended for a longer period of time, like a week or more — just add water.

5. For those who are working or wandering, always bury your own water and snacks whenever you go out to avoid temptation or to buy things that we think are cheap or worthwhile, but if you can increase the amount of food you also spend, nothing rin.

6. Set aside a day for laundry. It costs water, soap and time if we do laundry every day. Well, that’s just for households, ha, it’s a different case if you’re in uniform.

7. Kill anything that is not useful. Oops! Not with the other people in the house, huh? Simply used, such as appliances and faucets. Let’s turn it off and unplug it so that it doesn’t consume electricity or waste water.

8. Take a good look at “discounted offers” because they are often just stupid. Instead of saving 20% ​​it was over budgeted by another 30%. Remember, promotion is sometimes a marketing strategy, but often it is a scam.

9. When you can walk, just walk. If you have a Sweatcoin app, it’s a good thing because it also adds to the 10-K steps.

10. It also saves a lot if we learn to compromise. Instead of using a standard fan, just a clip fan. Remember, when buying plugs, it’s important to know if the watts are low, but it’s worth it. Another compromise, which is on food, is to use alternative products. Instead of pork that is a bit ‘gold’ in price, just make tofu or chicharon.

11. Again, buy in bulk. Persevere in the sale you need at home at Shopee or Lazada and our supermarket customers. There is a chance that the price of these fluctuates, like cheaper at Shopee compared to Lazada or much cheaper at the supermarket because there is often a ‘buy 1 take 1’, there is a ‘buy 2 get free item’. Before shopping, always check the prices, it’s just a little effort, just be patient.

12. Another good thing with online shopping apps, oks pay bills in split, especially if the bill is large. Take full advantage of Shopee, Lazada and other apps that can get less and use their discounts or promos.

Oh, huh? Hopefully our contribution chismis today will help— este tips, after all always looking for a ‘contribution’ to this society, let’s give a dozen tips. Chariz!