Tell Us Something A Motivational Speaker Once Said….. (BEST QUOTE WINS)

Hi Guys,Trust the weather is favourable at your end.When you cannot allow your situation, background, family status or future ambitions to motivate you that’s when you will be looking for motivational speakers.People that are also looking for food to eat and decided to take on job as a motivational speakers, selling to you dreams that they cannot afford.A motivational speaker who has not made 1 million naira in his life will be telling you that if you believe you can make 1 billion in one week. How?I was at an event one day, a motivational speaker was invited to motivate we youth aspiring farmers at the event, I gave up the farming aspiration when the motivational speaker said;This statement really off meThis is not to say that sometimes, these motivational speakers don’t say words of wisdom oo.But at the end of the day, if you no go get sense, you no go get no matter the number motivational words or quotes you hear per day So Guys, let’s do thisGuys, whether sensible or notTell Us Something A Motivational Speaker Once Said Drop your comments#Once Said #talkzone

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