South Africa Mourns Loss of Dr. Frene Ginwala

South Africa Mourns Loss of Dr. Frene Ginwala

January 13, 2023 0 By admin

Today we mourn the passing of a powerful leader and advocate for justice and democracy, both within our country and around the world. Dr. Frene Ginwala was a pioneering figure who played a crucial role in the establishment of a democratic Parliament in South Africa, and in laying the legislative foundations for a free and democratic society.

One of Dr. Ginwala’s most significant contributions was her role in dismantling the apartheid system and creating the framework for the rights and freedoms that South Africans enjoy today. As the leader of the inaugural democratic Parliament, she worked alongside Nelson Mandela to shape the legislative program that would set the country on a new path. Her leadership and guidance helped to transform activists and leaders into lawmakers, and set the stage for the transformation of the country as a whole.

Dr. Ginwala’s influence extended far beyond South Africa’s borders. She was instrumental in shaping the development of democracy and the protection of human rights in the Southern African Development Community, and on the African continent as a whole. She also worked to position South Africa as a country that had much to contribute to the global community, while also learning from the experiences of other nations.

The passing of Dr. Ginwala is a loss not only for South Africa, but for the entire world. She was a member of a special generation of leaders who gave their all to bring about freedom and democracy, and we are all in their debt. We must continue to work to build the South Africa that they envisioned, and to honor their legacy by striving for justice and equality for all.