Breaking News: Government Vehicle Recovered After Hijacking in Gauteng

Breaking News: Government Vehicle Recovered After Hijacking in Gauteng

February 12, 2023 0 By admin

Breaking News: Government Vehicle Recovered After Hijacking in Gauteng

In a shocking turn of events, a government vehicle belonging to a department in Gauteng was hijacked yesterday. However, the swift reaction from the tracker unit and a private investigator helped recover the white Toyota corolla earlier today.

The Hijacking Incident in Gauteng

The suspects tripped the interior of the vehicle, searching for the tracker, but apparently they couldn’t find it. When the tracker officers arrived at the location of the vehicle, 3 suspects fled, but one male suspect was arrested and held responsible for the hijacking.

The vehicle was parked in a bushy area and was found to be damaged inside. The criminals now hijack all vehicles, even those belonging to the government, but in this case, the hijackers had no jamming devices. This was the only reason the vehicle was recovered and the tracker was not jammed even hours later when the vehicle was reported stolen.

The Recovery of the Government Vehicle in Gauteng

The private investigator, Tshenolo, worked with the tracker unit to recover the stolen vehicle. The condition of the vehicle was not ideal, but it was recovered nonetheless. This swift reaction to the hijacking incident helped recover the white Toyota earlier today in Gauteng.

The hijacking of government vehicles has become a major concern in the region, and this recovery serves as a reminder of the importance of having proper security measures in place. It is crucial for vehicle owners, especially those belonging to government departments, to take necessary precautions to protect their vehicles from hijacking and theft.


The recovery of the government vehicle in Gauteng is a positive outcome in the fight against vehicle hijacking in the region. The swift action of the tracker unit and the private investigator serves as a reminder that with the right measures in place, vehicle hijackings can be prevented and recovered quickly. Stay informed and stay safe.