Check out what Nasty Blaq was doing with a door full of padlocks, and a lesson you can learn from it

The recent video from popular Nigerian skit maker, Nasty blaq is very funny i must say. He was leaving the house with his friend, when he had a running stomach. He quickly collected the keys to the various doors from his friend. Since he was really pressed, he couldn’t think straight. When he got to the toilet door, he started seeing different padlocks on the door. I know how this feels because when you are pressed, it will look like the door is now different.

He started battling with the door as he tried to open it.His friend who was still waiting for him outside, decided to check what was taking him so long. On getting inside, he saw his battling with the door trying to open it with a key.The friend came in and just opened it once. You know the funniest thing? The door wasn’t actually locked with a key. Before the friend finished opening the door, he had bent down and passed it out on the floor, lol.Lesson to learn When you are desperate to do something quickly, you might end up not succeeding. It is better you calm down and try. If it doesn’t work, then you can ask someone to help you. I hope you found it funny and also learnt something from this.

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