Bobrisky Reveals His “Bride Price List”, See What Was On The List That Got People Talking

Bobrisky has sparked reaction on social media after releasing his “Bride Price List” for any interested man. Bobrisky is considered the most influential transgender in the country. In the last few years, many fans have criticised Bobrisky for changing his natural gender.

However, things seem to have changed recently as some people believe he has every right to make himself who he wants to be.Whether Bobrisky is doing the right thing or not, I don’t think anyone is in a good position to criticise him. Considering what people have said to him in the past, many would think Bobrisky would try to keep his agenda secret. That hasn’t been the case as Bobrisky continue to let the world know he’s a now a “female”.

Earlier today, Bobrisky sparked reaction on Instagram after he released the “Bride Price” he expects from any man who wants to marry him. Is there going to be a man who would ever think of marrying Bobrisky? That’s a question no one can answer at the moment.Bobrisky listed one Bible to be a part of her Bride Price and that has got people talking on social media. Does she want just one bible? Bobrisky wrote just “one bible” on the list and many think that’s the cheapest item he mentioned on the list. Check out the list of items below:

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